Celler Ronadelles is a small, family owned and run winery that lies in the shadow of the impressive Montsant mountain range. The winery came to life in 2002 and has gradually grown and developed upto the present day with its modern, elegant and innovative range of wines, under the distinctive labels of CAP DE RUC, GIRAL and PETIT de Joanne Cox.

The small, dedicated team who are employed in the winery, care for the vines all year round before carefully preselecting and handpicking the grapes at harvest time, always respecting the lunar calendar and integrating these traditional methods with modern technology.

Wine making for this select, professional team is a passion, a way of life and the resulting wines reflect this...


Altitude: 493m
Situation: 31T-0324643-4569829
Finca la Plana, s/n
43360 Cornudella de Montsant
Priorat – Tarragona – Catalonia


Tradition   Passion   The essence of Montsant